NITI Aayog releases Export Preparedness Index (EPI) 2020

(The EPI provides invaluable insights on how states can attain this goal. )

  • In ‘Coastal States’ category Gujarat emerged as the top-performing state, followed by Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu.
  • In ‘Landlocked States’ category, Rajasthan was the best-performing state.
  • Among ‘Himalayan States’ and ‘City-States’, Uttarakhand and Delhi are the top-performing states respectively.

In-depth analyses of the multitudes of factors that have developed the export ecosystems at the state and sub pillar levels. It is hoped that these analyses will ignite the spirit of competitive federalism among the states to boost their export preparedness.

Export Preparedness Index (EPI) 2020 intends to identify

challenges and opportunities; enhance the effectiveness of government policies and encourage a facilitative regulatory framework.

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